Sunday, March 1, 2009

Antique Store or Miss Pitipat's Sex Emporium and Day Spa?

Ok, I'm not into antiques, unless you consider mid-centry modern furniture antiques.  But I still love to go and root through the local stores from time to time for great chairs that I can have recovered.  And then there are times like this Saturday that I make me feel like I need a shower after walking out of the store.  I'm not sure what the hell the proprietor is passing this sucker off as, but I believe I'm going to go back and buy it as stainless steel dildos are definitely cheaper by the linear yard...  I can just imagine two elderly ladies sashaying in after lunch on a Saturday and rounding the corner and having this staring them in the face.

 "Merna is that what I think it is?  

Maybe these two fellas already have it on hold?  Who knew sumo wrestling could be so sensual?  I know I always like a good wedgie before "sliding the old sumo in".